Friday, October 27, 2006

Sleep Overs

Let Sleep Over be = SO

I had my first experience in 10th grade at Ali’s place. Anish Ali and I. We stayed up all night and talked about everyone in our class. (Back biting!!). Good way to start. The irony with sleep overs is that you don't actually sleep when you’re at one. We just talk, make videos, watch movies, have P- days, go for adventures, play football, talk some more and then after all that when we are tired.....we fall asleep. Believe me or not, SOs can be very philosophical and intense. Sometimes everything just comes out. Confessions, secrets, truths, feelings, everything!! We get to know more about a person, we get more attached to the person. And then again there are some SOs where there is only plane, slapstick, stupid fun and jokes all night. You don't regret them. There is one more type...."you-know-what"(replace each word with a letter). Where you probably get up in the morning with a big smile on your face.:P

I have had many funny and hilariously weird SOs. My best one was "Beds, bacon and bachelors", a three day stay at my place. My parents had gone to Kuwait for 4 days. FREEDOM!!! But it was invaded by Ali, Tejas and Harry and who soon became my house- mates. They stayed for 3 days. We cooked our own meals, tejas made the beds, I cleaned the house, Harry was the helper who came at an ad hoc basis and Ali....nothing. We "felt" like we were living our college lives. We went to school together, we went shopping, tejas went to do arthi and puja.....we even had a war, Tejas and Ali vs. me and Harry. We fought bravely, I strangled Ali, Harry destroyed their fort but somehow they still won and in the end we were searching for private Doo!!! We were missing Anish (he would have slapped us for what we had done). Fun part was we kept recording everything so that we could make a documentary of the SO. Tejas made it really well, very emotional. I would never forget that. We learnt a lot about each other in those 3 days. A LOT!!!

Second, Ritesh's birthday party. WOOOOWWW. Hell of a party. Started of really well with alcohol and music at 12 midnight. By 2 everyone was high with the spirit of youth. “Chandu gana Ga" became the hit line of the day. We were so wasted that four of us tried to sleep in one couch. Apparently Ali and I were so troublesome that Ritesh and Unmukt tried to choke us with socks and pour candle wax and milk on our heads. We didn't let anyone sleep till 5. The reaction on people's faces was unimaginable, beyond belief. One of a kind party Ritesh, would never forget your birthday.

Third, adventure day. Ali and I stayed up till 4 in the morning following the normal SO routine. One scary movie followed by a comedy one. We decided to go to the creek walking. Ali had excruciating pain in his groins. But we were determined none the less. We walked to creek, under maktoum bridge, saw the beautiful sunrise, made fun of the rude fishermen, Ali caught a crab and we made a small documentary while at it. We became all poetic and thoughtful. The whole adventure was very philosophical and profound in its own way. We came back and slept like babies. There was much more action, but its probably for the best if you guys didn't know about it. Good Day that day !

The Thing I like about SOs is that, apart from being fun and joy, it teaches us to be independent, responsible and hopefully prepares us for college life in its own way. I mean, I learnt how to cook, iron( a lil. bit), clean up, wash dishes, make my bed, keep everything and myself in order, manage money and time properly, get up on my own, everything!! I agree, I was a bit screwed up before BB&B. And it helped. But most of all SOs, I guess, help in strengthening friendships. I have experienced it and I feel I know my friends a lot better. Sleep Overs are a kind of mature thing to do in an immature sort of way. My opinion. What do u think?

Monday, October 23, 2006

My First Encounter With a China Man

My first encounter with a real china man. I live in a world full of East Asian's, Karama. I could never really figure out the difference between a Filipino and Chinese. Ali can differentiate them from far, but I never got to know if he was right. Today, I came to the know difference myself.

On a holiday, my parents not at home, when I was free, I was fast asleep. Everyone was busy doing something and I was sleeping!!! Suddenly in the middle, a call comes. I answered "hello", a lady's voice replied,” Sir, is d'is 3966244", "yes" " were you sleeping, Sir?", “uh-huh", "no problem-o. We just want to deliver 2 bar stools you ordered," I didn't know about this, because my parents had ordered those yesterday. I was confused. Her voice was really pissing me of. You don't wanna hear her voice in the middle of your sleep. It was very annoying. Continuing... "So we take a right from Pizza Inn?" "Yes, Opposite Wok inn rest." Then... then she cracks a joke..... “Opposite Wok Inn rest.? Okay..... So do you have to always walk into this rest. And eat your food or you can eat outside also?? *laughs for 5 mins*and I go exactly like "aeyyy oh..Oh...yea..hahhahaha" OMG I was shocked to hear that....seriously. You don't want hear all that after Khan and in the middle of your sleep. Then after 10 mins of talking and more jokes I managed to tell her my address.

Chinese people are seriously very prompt or at least this guy was ..... after exactly 10 mins.... he rings my door bell. I felt proud standing in front of him. He was a shorty. Funny guy. "hello sir, good evening" He bowed twice with biggest smile on his face and then slowly making an angry face, ripped apart the cardboard cover and the bubble pack in a flash and brought the two bar stools in. After placing them properly near the bar cabinet.....while I signing the bill......... he asked me if was alone. I said "yes". I swear to God and I am serious. He went, loudly, "haeeee yaaa" and took upon karate position, bending his body down like Bruce Lee and everything, and was ready to attack me man. I was taken aback with shock and in my mind I was like "what the hell??" I moved back two steps in fear, seriously, never before I have come across a situation like this. I didn't know what to do. I was trembling. He saw the expression on my face from which he got some satisfaction or something. Suddenly there was a big smile on his face and slowly turned into laughter. He got up and slapped me lightly twice on my face and said "just jo-king!!!" he took the bill, said "thank you, sir" and went off closing the door behind him. I swear I stood there motionless for 1o mins wondering what the hell just happened until Harry's phone came.
This was my first real encounter with a china man. Wished somebody had caught that on tape. It would have been hilarious from a third person point of view. I still can't get over what I saw.

Do you guys have any incidences with funny people around the world? I have.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Time Machine - now wouldn't that be fun !!!

A bit out of the blue.

Ever since I was small I have always wondered if man/woman could ever come up with a time machine. A device with which man/woman could travel back and forth in time. It is really very fascinating and mind boggling. I mean, we could actually go back in time and do all of it all over again. It would solve so many problems, mysteries, affairs, remove risks, communication errors. We would have knowledge of the future and would plan it accordingly. C’mon it would solve so many problems of the world. It would help us correct our mistakes we made in the past or even change them. We all have read HP4 and “Time Machine” by H. G. Wells and seen Krrish. We all know what it does. It would be awesome to re – live some of our most exhilarating and thrilling times of our lives.

A few weeks ago I was talking to Mr. Ranga (physics tuitor) about this when we were doing light. I asked him if it possible to go back in time and all that. He said it can be done if man can make something that can travel faster than the speed of light. But we would be able to only see the past again, not change it. Any of you guys have any other bright ideas of how to make time machine? Let your imagination flow…. c’mon.

If I get hold of a machine like this, first thing, I would go back to eleventh and change my stream to commerce. Taking science was one of the mistakes of my life. I would re-live all the 'out of school' moments of 2005. One of my most enjoyable year. I got to know a lot of people. Got to learn a lot of things. Got to enjoy a lot. Got good marks when needed and most of all spent a lot of time with friends. Secondly, I would like to see Robbie Williams concert again…

..his performance was brilliance. Plus I had a great time with friends before his concert as well. Thanks Anish!!! Thirdly, I would have gone back to 7th or 8th grade where I played street (parking lot) cricket and football. It was so competitive. We used fight more than we actually played. Bharath remember the Pathans who came to play with us? They taught us how to swing the tape ball !!! And I used to wear my Beckham jersey and they used to say “ey beck–men ko dekh”. And Govind used to go mad trying to get me out. Funny man. There were so other many hilarious and memorable times that I would love to go back to anytime. Festivals like Holi, Dussera and Diwali in Delhi were unforgettable times with family and friends. Rahul and I was once burnt a tree while bursting crackers. That was like WOOOOOOWWW…there are only few moments in my life that are to die for…...on the other hand….Hell I would like to go back and uncover the truth of all these conspiracy theories. That would be entertaining!!!

If you guys got the chance to have a time machine or got any chance to go back and forth in time. Which moment would you love to back to?

I am on memory lane, aren't I? Point in doing this…same… getting to a know little more about you guys and who knows someone may end up designing a real time machine…(Bharath, Govind, Tejas……any ideas)

Friday, October 13, 2006


Lets see what I can do with my blog.

Lets make the first post on memories.......
After our boards results,march 2007, we are gonna land up in different parts of the world. Most of us will go to India, USA, CANADA, UK and some to Singapore, Australia, china, Germany etc. And sooner or later we will start to forget each other. I know it will happen. We will meet new friends. We will meet new people. Rarely will we come back to Dubai and meet as a class. Even Though there is an alumni association in our school, somehow i feel it won't work that well. Lets see if this could work.
I was talking about this to someone, I had forgotten a lot that i had done in 1st grade or 2nd grade and slowly slowly i started remembering small incidents that had happened. I remember in Springdales, Delhi, my first grade teacher, Mrs. Khanna, had hit me on my head for playing cricket in class. It was a hard shot on my head and my best friend rahul had said " kya shot hai, yar !!! " and since then every one used to make fun of me by saying that. Once i had said "SALA" to a boy in my class, i think his name was gurnish, and he went and snitched to the teacher and she called my parents. To take revenge, Rahul and I had filled his bag with mud during break and didn't tell anyone. All his books were spoilt. HAHAHAA!!! Once I remember in second or first grade i shat in my pants, yes go on laughing, I remember myself standing infront of the class stinking and waiting for the maid to come and all the boys and girls laughing at me and making funny noises. That was one of the most embarrassing moment of my life. It still makes me laugh. And Govind do you remember the pen fights??

I bet u guys have plenty of such moments. Lets see how much we can remember. C'mon write all your funny, embarrassing, happy memories of school and friends. Maybe we will connect with each other. Who knows what secrets will be revealed???