Sunday, August 12, 2007

Chak De India

I have to start with a bad note because this Movie is nothing great. Just Different from the rest of the Hindi Movies. Any other movie which comes to close this one is Lagaan. And Chak de is no where close to it. Good acting by King Khan and the Girls squad. I like Shahruk when he acts in these types of movies, not anymore as a Lover Boy. I loved him Swades and now this one where he has given a natural performance. Not the usual types! The girls bring out the laughter in the movie. The casting for them was done pretty well. I think the movie could have much done with a better plot and a twist. The story and the game became toooo predictable at the end. I actually told my mom how the score line would go. If they could have thought of the Script and Storyline a little more it would have been great. The petty emotions in the movie were a little too much. The thing with Chak De is that it is one of its kind-type-movie in Bollywood or IFI but thousands of movies like this have been made in Hollywood so it becomes too conventional for me. But I have to agree that Chak De highlights many social and women issues in India very well. The spirit of Hockey was also well portrayed.

I specially wanted to blog on Chak De because this movie reminded me of our Inter school football journey. It’s like the movie was inspired from us, our Football Team. Its starts of with the Ministers (Principal) not encouraging and believing in the team at all and passing comments like “they would lose the first two matches and come back. Whats the point in doing anything??” Then this new coach comes who is like real rough and tough. Abuses and insults the players all the while making them train harder and harder. None of the players like him at first but that slowly begins to change as the results begin to come. They slowly start to have faith in their Coach. They lose their initial matches and then they begin to win. They reach the finals where they play their nemesis (Indian High) and win the tournament. I don’t know if others would be able to relate but the football team will surely be able too. It felt good because we were the underdogs and nobody believed in us that we could win and we finally did it! Pretty awesome that it matched exactly with movie.

I hope a well directed and original football movie also comes up in Bollywood which will inspire people to play, invest and enjoy football as well as they do cricket. I really want football to grow in India. I also hope that Bollywood comes up with ORIGINAL movies, even if the idea is copied please don’t copy exact scenes and dialogues from the Hollywood counterpart. Here I talk about movies like ‘Hey Baby, Partner, Etc.’

Chak De India – 7 out of 10.

P.S – Sorry, I am just bad with Movie reviews. I tried, it’s my first.