Saturday, January 20, 2007

When the fastest bowler and the best Indian classical singer combine

What in the world was that??
How is that one of the hit songs in Indian charts???
Where the hell is India and Indian music scene heading??
What is Asha doing with Bret Lee???
What was Asha and Bret Lee thinking??
What the hell is happening to the world???
Where the hell am I???

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Only Time Can Tell.......

Happy New year everyone!!

This New Year yea… It brings with it so many expectations, so many dreams, so many hopes, so many people and places, so many experiences. I don’t know why but I am particularly dreading some parts of it already.

Facebook !! is the cause of it…I was just going through Anish’s facebook, looking at the pictures of all our ex- students most of whom I had only seen them before in school uniform and with short hair. Now they have all their funky hairdo, weird looks and poses, living on their own in different universities and colleges.

Right now the excitement of living alone and independently in a totally different country is much greater than the fear of it. But as the days come closer and closer, my fears begin to grow. C’mon living by myself, doing everything by myself, it is shit scary for me at least. I am damn lazy when it comes to waking up in morning, making my bed, touching water early in the morning. I don’t brush my teeth or take bath unless I am pushed by my mummy every morning. I don’t clean up my room unless shouted at. I can’t tie a knot in my tie and I can’t iron my clothes, my sweet mother still does that for me. I am still a baby!! She still comes into my room and puts the blanket over me and draws the curtain. How in God’s name would I make it by myself??? Spoilt, yea you got it right!!

I know it is too soon, TOO Soon. But some day it will come. A day would come when I have to make my own breakfast, learn to iron my clothes, when nobody would be home to ask how my day was, nobody to scold me, when I have to say goodnight to myself and most of all the day when I have to become responsible and take care of myself!!! I think I can do it. I have done it once before during BBB where I had to take care of Ali, Tejas and Harry and my house from them. Hell, I will even miss all my friends…but that’s for later….I still have to go to Goa or Thailand with them.

I see some are already there, prepared to live on their own, alone, already ready to be free, matured and responsible enough to take care of their own in an unknown land. My hope lingers in the fact that if everyone else can do it, so can I.

Time can only tell……