Sunday, February 25, 2007

Boards for me is.......

A couple of days to go before my Board exams begin....I wonder whether I am really prepared for it or not. I begin with English for which I have not studied so far and now I have no patience for Richard's long boring speeches. I just took two hours to do Act2 sc.1..2 hours for one scene!!! Julius Caesar in 10th was much more fun to study because it had more action, masala and masti than Richard. Richi is just boring.
Next comes Maths for which I have lost all confidence after my prelims.(I messed up even after knowing half the paper before hand.....ALI!!!!!). This time I shall give my Maths paper without doing the whole of Integration, Planes, 3D, spheres and prove-that sums of vectors. That's just crazy!!! With all of Mr. M's and my Dad's blessings I hope to get 80+ in mathematics after skipping all that. In 10th I was so confident for maths that I actually thought of getting a 100 in my maths paper and eventually i did manage to beat GOVIND in the boards!!!hahaha!!! this time i just hope i get 80+

Next comes Chemistry....I have not done Organic yet. I don't understand what i have done in Physical and I don't remember any of the inorganic shit. Apparently Bharath, Govind and all finish chem is just two hours...the whole thing....NERDS!!!! Comparing 12th Chem to 10th grade chem....well lets just say we had Mr. G.

Now....While i sit at home and slog for my upcoming EVS dear friends shall go and rock with Iron Maiden and Led Zep. They planning to for !Russel also....B******. Well in EVS I want a 90+ as I have to impress a special someone. Something to raise my average up.

Next Physics, This is one subject have worked hard for and I am quite confident for it. I desperately want a 85-90+ in this one. C'mon...romit

Now is the fun part. After Physics I plan to go to Thailand for my holidays.... Lets Just do it Anish.... but seriously 14 days is just too much. I plan to study all 14 days and try get a 100 in Eco. while the rest would have finished with their exams and would be partying all night. I have to say i was more confident for Eco. in 10th than now. I have not touched Eco. yet and i am counting on those 14 days to study. Good Luck Romit!!

Unlike 10th grade I do not have any enthu to study for these boards. I will try and take on each subject as they come. Harry the only thing sustaining me right now is Jaipur, your farm and the geese.
Good luck everyone!!!
Tejas STUDY!!!!

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Today I am just really happy because a small little thing has made me feel like a grown up. A man. Today I got my first FedEx. The first one to my name. Not to my parents, not to my school or to anyone else, but to me. What it contained does not matter, what matters that it was to me. I have always seen it in movies and soaps how people rip of a strip to open the package….Example scene “In matrix, where Neo (Mr. Anderson) rips off the top strip of the package to get the cell phone.” I always wanted to do that and today I have done it. It felt great. For me it is one of those days where I have done something for the first time. Only thing I missed in this whole process is signing the delivery sheet of the delivery boy. My mother did that as I was sleeping. I hope it’s the first of many so I can do that too. It’s a stupid thing but today I fulfilled a dream. It was in my list of ‘things I have to do before I leave school.’ It made my day.

P.S - Sorry Ashiq, Its one of those types.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Bon Jovi in Dubai??

Off late there are rumors going around in Dubai that Aerosmith and Bon Jovi are apparently coming here. How far these rumors are true I do not know, it just a word of mouth. According to a dude at, Aerosmith coming to Dubai has been confirmed and would be performing here on 31st of May. According to my sources, Bon Jovi are supposed to be coming with them and rocking the day. Somebody's mother who works at Emirates told her son who told somebody who told me that they too are confirmed.....I just can't believe it at the moment.
The two legends performing together would be awesome and simply mind blowing. Another orgasmic concert as Anish would have it. There are bigger fans than me who would just simply die for them. Just have say "OH...MY GOD!!!!"
I don't wants my hopes to go up too soon and then just die out as it happened the last time. So please if anyone knows the complete information and details about the show and the bands please share it as it would be very helpful.

Now more than ever I want the boards to get over fast...Already i had plans to spent time with my friends in India and now with Bon Jovi coming here... the summer is gonna Rock. OMG!!!!