Wednesday, March 21, 2007


This is an advert made by us [Redial Entertainment] for a store called "Niche". This shop will see art-related goods such as paintings, hand-bags, cards, etc. 10% of their proceeds will go to charity.

Spread the Video. Show it to everyone. Word of Mouth is the best Advertisement for REDIAL ENTERTAINMENT.

Thank You, Call again!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Redial Entertainment Kickstarted!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Thats the end of it

Today we finished Chemistry...the most hated on subject in the world, atleast by me.
I struggled with it yesterday and had been struggling with it since 7th grade. Never ever liked the subject. Today it’s done, but a job not very well done. My chem paper was "okay." I just know that I wrote and I wrote 3 booklets of crap. Sometimes I did get surprised at myself in the middle on what I was writing. “WTF mate??” sodium orgasmate screwed me!!! I know everyone else’s went well. Anish is gonna top.

Because Today is an end of an era, I have to disclose something. Every night before chemistry exam, Ali and I talk of our deplorable and pathetic state of affairs. We laugh and joke about it and in the midst of it we fantasize a utopian world. Before second term chem. examination we just decided to give up chemistry and our life in school and move to Africa. Africa because it the cheapest-to-shift place from the rest. There we would open mosque-cum-church-cum- strip bar. It would be ideal. A church and a mosque by day and a bar by night. Simple. Now we needed people to run the place. Ali of course would be the guitarist of the bar. As I am going to study Business management in college, I would be the manager. We need someone to fund us and as Dusty and Zafar are the rich people we know….they are going to be our sponsors. Tejas would be singing and performing along side Ali. Harry would have a special theatrical show for himself. Anish is the fast one and quite skillful, thus he will be our superfast waiter and skillful bartender. Govind is the best in maths and he would be our accountant. Bharath, the stand up comedian. Unmukt, best in physics and wants to get into IIT, is our technician to solve our technical problems. Here is the funny part, Sebastian, our Christian mate, would be the priest of our church. Ashiq would be the mullah of the mosque by day and as he is very tall, he would be a pole for pole dancing by night. Aaron apparently has a sexy body and will be our male stripper. Rubin will be the ‘IT presentation dude’ presenting the AV on his laptop over a bar stool. Please keep in mind we do not have enough funds for big screens, projectors, lights and sounds. So Akshay and Amir have to deal with table lamps to light the bar at night, they will keep switching it on and off for the extra effects. For Sound, Ali will provide us with his 4.1 surround speakers. Ameya, Suraj and Akarsh are the bouncers. I sorry, but if girls wanna join along they have to be the strippers along with Aaron. Ankita and Proma have a reserved place already. (Ashiq is gonna get a lot of action.) Rohith and Vivek are the hunters to provide us with food. Nawaz and aashish are the PIMPs. They are more post that I cannot unveil. Shrivats, Kaushik and the rest will do well in their lives. I hope we have fun. Anyone else wants to join along…please register by calling 050-5986976.

The talk before prelim chem exam was even wilder and crazier ….will write about that after I am 18 and legal to write about stuff like that. Hint: it was a parody on Lord of the Rings. And before the Boards it was Sodium Orgasmate.

P.S - It was a wild imagination and I hope no one’s sentiments were hurt, it was all meant to be for fun. Just wanted to post this for a long time.

Anyway happy that Chem is over but would miss the talks......

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Welcome to LOST. This game is a student project - players score points by inviting others to the game. It aims to show how 7 million people can be connected and become the largest online game ever.

"You can join the game if you find an invitation. An invitation is an internet address that looks like this: - but instead of the word 'example' there are some random numbers and letters.

There are invitations written everywhere - on the internet and in the real world.
To win the game you must score points. To score points you must invite other people using a unique address that is given to you.

Everyone in the game has a profile where they can see who they have invited and who has invited them. It's possible to interact with anyone in the game.

The game will end when it reaches 7 million players - the winner of the game will get $5000, and the top ten $500 each. There is also a prize given to the best photograph of an invitation." quotes the "LOST" you might as well join yeah?

Hurry I have just 29 days Left

P.S-- Anish, Screw you!!!